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Banana Bread Toast | Easy Breakfast Treat

This delicious banana sweet snack is made with ingredients which are commonly available in our kitchen. Ripe plantain/banana and bread are the main …

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  1. So,i just tried this a few minutes ago and my family absolutely loved it.My neighbors smell it while it was being prepared and they are eating their toast and enjoying it.😃Thank you very much for your recipe.

  2. Una observación no se me hace correcto que los aplanes el Bimbo con una vela,yo le pondría una serie de cosas más que lo hicieran más delicioso y nutritivo por ejemplo vainilla jerez canela ya está chocolate bueno a mí me gusta ser muy muy creativa en la cocina

  3. ماشاء الله عليكى بجد تستاهلى احلى لايك ومحتواكى جميل  وفعلا كل فيديو بطلع منه بمعلومة جديدة فى الطبخ وروحك جميلة وصوتك مريح احلى لايك👍👍👍و🔔🔔🔔 اتمنى تنورينى ويدوم التواصل💕💕💕💕💕💕ولو ينفع تثبتى تعليقى……..

  4. White bread ironed out and healthy bananas covered in sugar and fry the lot after adding more white sugar. Just whats needed a good unhealthy spike in the blood at breakfast time. Set you up for the day. Anyone for seconds ? 😂 .

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