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Back-To-School Lunch Prep Hacks

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  1. Am 20yrs old and am watching this video bc of my little sister i brought her to school a few days ago i don't use to know what to cook for her but now thanks to this channel

  2. My grandmother used to make meals and put them in leftover containers because my uncle would find them in the fridge and be like "SCORE" mind you he was in collage

  3. OMG, I am so surprised
    I got inspired, how to make my fridge clean and tidy
    It makes me want to make lunch and put it in my fridge.
    I really like this!!!
    100% this is good
    100% this is tidy
    90% this looks yummy
    100% this looks delicious
    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  4. the food looks so boring… like who would want to eat raw celery sticks for lunch D: i’d rather wake up 30 minutes earlier to make a stir fry or curry or something

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