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Ask the Expert: What is Amaranth? | Cooking Light

Whole grains doesn’t just mean brown rice! Begin exploring the varieties available with amaranth, a gluten-free nutrition powerhouse eaten by the Aztecs.

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  1. Amaranth doesn’t contain starch. This white girl is a moron. Our ancient ancestors did not consume starch in their diet. Starch is acidic and the diet of the ancient ancestors was 100% alkaline foods…foods that feed the cells. Starch destroys your body. Do your research before claiming amaranth has starch in it.

  2. isn't youtube great? never heard of this grain till now, and great video, and what is the ladys' name? wonder why no mention of where to get it, maybe walmart? gonna pop some and add to my homegrown [my farm] japanese hull less popcorn, the best popcorn ever!

  3. If you see “alegría” in the candy section of your local Mexican grocery store, you can try amaranth that way. It’s like caramel corn, and has a nice flavor and texture.

  4. My mom used to make bread from this flour, taste so good and nutty, but it has the same issue as oat, they grow it and process with wheat, if you have celiac, you have to make sure it's gluten free!

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