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Are Organic or Raw Food Diets Better for Your Pet? – Ask A Vet

Dr. Courtney Campbell answers your questions about organic and raw food diets for your pet. Subscribe to The Pet Collective-Cares …

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  1. AFCO is a garbage certification! Kibble is junk with grain fillers. Why is it when I switched my Mastiff to RAW at 4 years old the chronic ear infections went away, his hair stopped falling out and his coat was shiny for the first time?? Prior to this my vet had him on multiple "prescription" diets that ironically were sold right there in his office…. I dumped.kibnle and the vet and he lived to 13 years old. All my previous died before 9 years of ago. Yeah…..but RAW is unhealthy….stop spreading garbage.

  2. I think a big issue in why vets don’t like raw diets is cuz lots of people don’t know what they are doing. Reach super good before cuz I can definitely see why it COULD be dangerous for your pet. Don’t just do it for the aesthetic of feeding your pet raw food

  3. So with the raw food diet is it just raw meet and whole bones which are bad? Because I know that there are pre made raw food dog food that have organs, meet, ground bones ect because I've looked online and the bad things that I've seen about this diet is salmonella and chocking on bones. So are the pre made raw foods also bad or good?

  4. Funny cause several vets other than you would agree raw and organic diets are wayy better than processed manufactured food diets. These are only seven out of how many that would agree including my vet that I highly trust. I wouldn’t let you any where near my dog honestly. Do you think in the Wild dogs would have access to kibble? No they’d eat meat of all sorts and fruit like berries. But somehow it’s better they ate some pebbles manufactured by humans like I said humans not dogs that don’t even know the physiology of dogs most likely based off what’s in these “better alternatives” yet only god knows what they put in the damn food. Please explain how this makes since when it really doesn’t and it couldn’t even less

  5. i really suggest everyone to see the documentary PET FOLLED its a great doc that shows the dark truth about Vets and dog food. it really open my eyes and i feel like when people say dont feed them meat is so ridiculous. but you should decide and do your research.

  6. This guy is full of bologna! There are studies from Europe showing the benefits. My dog and cats are on a raw diet and look AMAZING! This is clearly a desperate attempt to get people to keep their animals on nasty kibble. That's not caring about pets.

  7. I laughed out loud when he said the cats died from being riddled with salmonella LOL. You know a cat's natural body temperature is 103? Salmonella can't survive that that temperature

  8. This guy is an idiot I don't know anybody whos dog died of natural causes. 100% of the time it's some kind of organ failure and they must be put to sleep. And I'm not including any kind of like a car accidents I'm just talkin like they made it to the end.

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  10. Wow….super sad to hear you manipulate the information you shared to misrepresent the discussion. You said absolutely NOTHING about how commercially processed kibble is produced, stored, shipped, etc.
    You ignored the fact that rating raw bones is beneficial to the dogs teeth and calcium and phosphorus intake.

    Cooking a safe meat or vegetable is significantly different than EXTRUDING nutrients from sub-par ingredients.

    This was a propaganda piece NOT an educational video.

  11. If it true what this guy is saying? Then chips and candy are way healthier for human to eat than regular food.

    People please don't substitute your food for chips and candy. It not healthy.

  12. There actually are studies that show raw food being better since the process of cooking deregulates its proteins and, in the case of boiling, leeches nutrients into the water.

  13. Actually i prefer a boiled liver with dog food 😊 that’s a best way to improve your dog to not picky eater, what I’m doung is I boiled the liver and mash it to the dog food and i put some soup of the liver into the food . That’s the best way to feed your dog . 😊🥰

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