Appetizer Recipe: EASY and DELICIOUS Goat Cheese Stuffed Figs by Everyday Gourmet with Blakely

This might be one of the easiest appetizer recipes I’ve made…and one of the most delicious!

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  1. So I wonder if the red pepper flake would over power the flavors in the figs. I think red pepper flakes would go well with each ingredient separately, but because goat cheese, rosemary, figs, and prosciutto all pack so much flavor in their own right, I’m scared of it. BUT… I’m not a hater, I will make this recipe and I’m mostly just interested to hear how those flavors dance together. Commenting mostly to give interacts and kind of want to hear you describe how all of these super fun and beautiful flavors hit your tongue.

  2. Looks very sophisticated in terms of flavor profile! Any substitution recommendations for those who can't eat pork products? I know prosciutto contributes a lot of salt and maybe umami flavor…

  3. I will have to add these ingredients to my shopping list. I have never tried a fig but I love everything else you used and I have been wanting to try them.

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