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Another Super Easy Chinese Chicken w/ Onions in Oyster Sauce 洋葱蚝油烧鸡 Quick Chinese Stir Fry Recipe

This super easy Chinese Chicken with Onions in Oyster Sauce is another quick stir fry that you can whip out within 15 minutes tops – including preparation time.

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  1. I must say this was delicious; not a bit was left in the serving dish. Paired it with your garlic fried rice.

    It was like being in SG. I used gin in place of the cooking wine ; is that okay ? If yes I will use it in your other dishes. Thank you so much.

  2. Thank you so much for this recipe.

    I have some brined chicken breasts in my fridge and I was wondering how to cook them so this recipe comes in handy!

  3. I am loving your channel Chef. Since I discovered you I haven’t looked at other wannabe cooks ! 😂 my husband thinks I’ve spent ALL day at the stove with this delicious recipe.. 🤣 I really thank you 💕

  4. Chinese food, from simple dishes like this to complicated dishes like hand pulled noodles and all of them are tasty.

    I'd love to eat this with steam rice but sadly, I'm not eating rice for the tine being to test my willpower and make me more disciplined. As an asian that eats rice every day, it's incredible hard going through this challenge.

  5. Greetings from Germany.
    Had all ingredients for this in my kitchen soysauce all from lee kum kee verry good.
    And must prepare all.
    Ur dish its easy to make and hope i have success.
    Greetings Paul

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