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Alice Waters Teaches The Art of Home Cooking | Official Trailer | MasterClass

Learn about home cooking from farm-to-table pioneer, restaurateur, and author Alice Waters in her first-ever online cooking class. The award-winning chef …

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  1. 0:27 "I want you to know what food is really alive and seasonal" while literally showing a cut of a DEAD animal at the same moment. Either the editor is mental, or the screenwriter is, or everyone involved in this is mad.

  2. I totally appreciate what she tries to teach, but perhaps her style is not really suitable for the high price that masterclass charges. Paying $90 to have her teach steaming vegetable is not that fun I have to say.

  3. I’ll be honest I’ve never heard of her…..but I love her philosophy about food….understand what you’re eating and where it comes from….

  4. This is the way to live and to eat of the majority of mexican people. we cook day after day, after day, after day… Really! The guideline of "know-how" is: the mother, the grand mother, the grand-grand-grand…… mother…
    The presentation is lovely… but seriously, you don´t know how to choice, to cook, to eat in that way?
    WTF in this world??????

  5. Talking is cheap. I think the best of her contribution to the USA food movement is no more than getting and using the best and freshest ingredients in cooking. That was a revolutionary concept in the 70's and 80's. The trouble with her is that I've eaten at Chez Panisse quite a few times from its inception till several years ago, each time going with friends by default. I find the description of the dishes on the menu 100 times more interesting than the actual dish. Blah, blah, blah, blah………the real taste was invariably bland, lacking depth, uninteresting, under seasoned and really quite ordinary. The food movement in the US has exploded and there're so many more interesting, creative and challenging chefs in all parts of the country. Sorry I'll give this one a pass.

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