Affordable store-bought hacks turned into cute appetizers!

DIY expert Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault brings some super creative appetizers that are simple, affordable, sweet and savoury! Cityline is the longest running and …

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  1. Those chicken & waffle sandwiches look disgusting! Those tater tots are so tacky! As a matter of fact, all those items are tacky! Don't have a party if you can't bother to do something decent for your guests!

  2. Do they realize the whole purpose of skewers is to eat the food off the skewer & not take it off & put it on a plate? I've never seen anyone take the food off first & then eat it. It doesn't make sense. They do look yummy though.

  3. Those pipettes can also be bought at dollar stores and pharmacy stores/sections (of stores like Walmart, etc)
    The pipettes reminds me of an episode on Kyle XY where they had a party and used chemistry instruents as drinkinking glasses and such

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