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A secret to Vegan Fried Chicken – Easy Vegan Recipes

Watch and learn the secret on how to make vegan fried chicken (imitation) using oyster mushrooms with this easy vegan recipe.

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  1. Can't remember if I ever posted, but I have made this numerous times…and follow along with you every time I make it. I HATE mushrooms, but oyster mushrooms are the BEST. Cornmeal…tastes like fish. Flour…tastes like chicken. I don't add the ranch to my marinade, but the main thing you did that helped me is the overnight marinade tip…game changer. Takes that mushroom 'snappy' texture away. I've forwarded this video to tons of people.

  2. GIRLLLLLL…… NEED an award!. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this video. I tried it..not exactly as u said because ive been cooking all week and was tired! So I just quickly dumped it into some plain flour so my oyster mushroom wont go to waste.(they been marinating for more than a day 🙈) I made batter fried mushroom the day before too but with bella mushroom. The CRUNCH FACTOR is beyond believable.. Ive tried for too long to replicate KFC batter unsuccessfully. But this is the real deal. I dont care too much for the "chicken" meat flavor or texture on the inside just that tasty crunchy satisfaction on the outside..THIS IS IT!…thank you again….btw yr video was hilarious….

  3. I just finished making these. They are so good. Of course mine are much browner than yours cause I tend to overcook most of my food. I have an old deep fryer that I suspect may heat higher than more current fryers. Anyway, I'll do this again. BTW….I made the fried fish yesterday (banana blossom); however, I added too much seasoning and it was too salty. I will make it again and use less salt. Next time I make both of these dishes, I'll post and tag you on IG. I had to do the dry run first to knock out any kinks in my preparation. The vegan ranch dressing!…so good! I'm using some on my salad. Thank you very much for these recipes. I have subscribed and am a fan!

  4. I made this last night and it was amazing! Yours is the best recipe I have tried for vegan chick'n. Thank you so much for sharing!!! One thing I think you do different than everyone, and which makes it crunchier, is that you don't double dip in the wet mixture. Just one dip in the wet, then thorough dredging in the flour. This makes it just crispy perfection.

  5. OMG !! Thank you so much!! I tried your method. I only switched out the spelt flour for equal parts chickpea flour & sorghum flour to make recipe gluten-free. Babyyyyyy! It was so crunchy and delicious! The first batch only marinated for about an hour. The next batch, marinaded overnight! Delish!!! I can’t belief how good this taste & how much oyster mushrooms mimic chicken!! Much gratitude sis!

  6. Okay so boom..
    I had a plant based Thanksgiving and made this!
    The family loved it. I loved it. I marinated it over night and let me tell u, it was so flavorful. Mmhhh.
    Honestly, it reminded me more of a whole belly clam texture and taste. I love whole belly clam and miss it, so for me this would be it. I tried it with hot sauce and tartar sauce, both were good. So those of you that are reading comments trying to figure out if this recipe is worth giving it a try, TRY IT!! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! Make sure u make enough, your meat eating cousins will definitely be grabbing for seconds.

  7. Thank you so much for this recipe. I'm not even vegan, but am trying to incorporate more healthy plants/veggies in my diet and less meat (I know this is fried. lol) But anywho this was sooo bomb. It legit tasted just like chicken with the texture, breading flavor and all. I had to just look at it and was like "This is so crazy, but I love it." So I'm making it for this Thanksgiving because I don't want to eat any meat. Thank you again for sharing this recipe.

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