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A popular way to cook broccoli removes important nutrients

Broccoli is one of the most nutritious vegetables. However, boiling it takes many of those essential nutrients out. There’s a simpler way to cook it and retain all the …

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  1. Broccoli into the microwave ?yeah right !Broccoli steamed only in the pressure cooker,no oxide-no oxidation (oxidation is worse enemy of vitamin C.)After steaming in pressure cooker cool it down with cold water to lock enzymes and vitamins!This is useless video

  2. Ok so basically boiling water kills vitamins and lots of other nutrients huh? Then nobody should cook soup then because most soups boil for a very long time. Give me a break!

  3. Trying to find healthy seasoning options, recently I've been squeezing lemon in my broccoli and that's doing fine for now but eventually I'll get over it. Hot sauce before that. I'm stumped!

  4. Miku have mercy on the producers. Such abundant ignorance. B12!? Shame, shaaaaaame.
    Eating boiled broccoli and wasting the water is still a positive net gain in micro nutrients. Anywhere that isn't U.S-of-we-not-really-sure-how-food-is-handled that is worth it's salt uses showering to remove pesticides before it reaches consumer and/or simply gives fruit and veggies a short radiation burst to kill parasites.

    Like others have said, if you are unsure just rinse them before cooking them and drink the water if you want, it will taste like soup and your sodium intake will go up if you added it for flavor.

    Boiling it is actually very beneficial and preferable to other options, it will make it soft and easier to digest and "grab on" to important fatty content in your tract therefore facilitating lipophilic vitamin absorption which is crucial for your hormones. Fats are important.

    If you boil it with rice the flavor that escapes from boiling will blend nicely with the rice making it quite umami. If it gets boring you can toss other stuff in there like garlic early or an egg when it's just about ready to be covered and put to rest, mix it all up, fiddle with water amound and boil time for different consistencies, experiment, invent! Boiled broccoli is super healthy and second best veggie for micro-nutrition Î know of and probably the best from a bang for your buck perspective.

    Seriously…. B12!?!?!

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