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9 VEGAN Party Recipes! (Perfect for New Years Eve) 🎉

9 Vegan Party Recipes! (Perfect for New Years Eve) These party recipes are perfect for your upcoming New Years eve shenanigans! We’ve got all your snack …

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  1. I love veggies, and at times that is all I want. When you are having a New Year party or just friends over any time doing the holidays season. I think some cool vegan recipes is perfect. We do not have to meat everytime.

  2. 700 ingredients, a mountain of dishes, and 3 days of working in the kitchen with prep and cooking just to make some basic party ingredients. Hahahahaa i think shooting smack is a better use of time and money.

  3. We tasted the pizza swirls at lunch, I put baby spinach and mushrooms as I didn't have olives. Huge success and I got congratulated on the presentation. So easy to cook, thanks!!!

  4. Easily the best cooking videos & books out there. Perfect for showing people how easily and delicious vegan food can (and should) be. Anyone who thinks vegans only eat salad leaves and tofu should be made to watch some "Bosh" videos! Absolutely outstanding again guys!!!

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