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8 Vegan Instant Pot Recipes | Meat-Free and Dairy-Free Recipe Compilation | Well Done

Here are 8 of our favorite vegan Instant Pot recipes. From main courses and sides to soups and sauces, we have you covered. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this …

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  1. Why do people add so many spicy hot spices/peppers? Can't do garlic (I'm anemic and garlic is a blood thinner), I don't use anything alcoholic period. Or cilantro.
    If you use apple juice instead of water when making applesauce it tastes amazing, no competition…

  2. Love, love, love this channel. I discovered it today and its the best!
    The presentation style is amazing…clear, simple techniques with just a few natural ingredients. Love you show how to serve it. Such awesome recipes and basics Tysm (I bought an instantpot 3 mo ago and yet to use it but, I am now!) Ty subscribing. I want more!

  3. Greatly appreciate this video! Instead of sauteeing in oil, a healthier alternative is using water or broth (or any liquid, really). Oil inhibits the production of nitric oxide in the arteries, causing a slowing down of blood flow. Even small amounts of oil does it. Even olive oil is very damaging to our arteries. And people with heart issues should definitely eliminate all oils (as per experts like Dr Caldwell Esselstyn). I've been cooking oil-free for two years now and I don't even miss it. I sauté onions in water to perfection. The secret is to let the pan heat up until water droplets sprinkled onto it "dance" on the surface. Then add all the onions at once. Stir repeatedly. About 10 min in, they will appear to start sticking to pan, that's when you add about a tablespoon of water or broth and continue stirring. Continue adding liquid as needed. Healthy method and delicious. Chef AJ has a video on it.

  4. IM A NEW SUBBIE 💕🦋🌈🙏 Looking forward to more videos! 🙀😻 I’m also a vegan and just uploaded a Unique Vegan Tips video for anyone transitioning to a plant diet! I’d love it if you’d support me back and check it out!!

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