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8 Healthy Baked Oatmeal Recipes For Breakfast

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  1. Too much healthy fat and not constant enough for a lifetime nutrition plan and why is salt involved and why is baking powder involved and no fruit or veg involved and no omega 3s in the dish. Your leaving alone of other important nutritional value behind here.

  2. I made the first one and it was the BEST THING I have ever tasted I had to not make them often because every time I would make them I would end up eating the whole thing. Definitely recommend it

  3. Tried the one with carrot using your exact measurements … total flop:-( After baking at the stipulated temperature and time it was way too soft and had the consistency of a too soft pudding … Never firmed up even after baking for a further 15mins. Seems the receipe had too much milk or not enough oats. Will try another and see what results I get.

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