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7 Tasty Ground Beef Recipes

Ground beef is one versatile ingredient. So in this video we show you 7 tasty recipes featuring ground beef, along with other tasty ingredients like cheese, pasta, …

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  1. Ground mince, and minced beef are two entirely different products. Ground mince can contain anything from pigs gonads, and entrails,to chicken guts and knackers yard sweepings,, basically the rubbish , mechanically stripped from any old carcass, that goes through the abattoir! The clue is in the title "GROUND" Whereas "BEEF MINCE"" or "MINCED BEEF" really has to be just that, minced beef!! As a pretty good cook and proud of my cooking, and meals that I serve up, I can honestly say "Ground mince" is like many times eaten and digested lavatory fodder!! And don't forget to wash your hands, feet, wellington boots and dustbins,, should you come in contact with it!!

  2. Been watching several different food videos trying to get new ideas for my boyfriend and I. Do you have recipes that are easy on the cheese or no cheese at all? These all look yummy regardless!

  3. Tried the last one, the Mac and cheese just gets stuck to ur hands and is impossible to make into a ball, tried to fry it and all fell apart what a waste of ingredients

  4. I see the the measurements! However, it goes so fast. Wish there was a list of ingredients listed easier to have everything you need with its appropriate serving of ingredients ready to use instead of start/stop review process to make these delicious receipes! Just a thought!

  5. Don't know if it's just me? Did I over look it? Where can I locate the measurements in terms of cup measurement/spoon measurements of ingredients to use? I want to make these second pizza roll dish? Everything looks good!

  6. The presentation are awesome but OMG those long nails ruin my appetite , when it comes to food preparation it has to be clean in short use gloves at least , there are gloves that is specially for the handling for foods

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