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7 Low-Carb Veggie Dinners

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  1. it appears Tasty doesn't understand low carb.. potatoes, really? Just because something doesn't have wheat or rice in it, doesn't make it low carb. Most of these dishes have loads of high carb veg but hey, nice try

  2. You can't have potatoes on keto. You should research keto before making vids because potatoes will kick you out of ketosis. But on a positive note, I made the ravioli and the grilled cheese and it was excellent. Thank you.

  3. Me: Tries to find good low-carb recipes
    Tasty: pUt cAuLiFlOwEr iN tHe mIxEr

    Me: Okay.. well the next recipe is surely better
    Tasty: pUt cAuLiFlOwEr iN tHe mIxEr

    Me: Come on, there must be low carb food without cauliflower, right?
    Tasty: pUt mOrE cAuLiFlOwEr iN tHe mIxEr

  4. LMAO…way to spread ignorance! The first dish is carbs, carbs and more carbs with one egg!! I would hope that you mean well, but all veggies are carbs!! What you likely mean to say is low STARCHY carb meals…and naturally omit the HIGH fat content 👌

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