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7 HEALTHY and EASY Smoothie Recipes (for building muscle & fat loss)

The whey I use: □ The vegan protein powder I use: □ The complete greens I use: □ The …

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  1. Yo people, just a little one to share some smoothie recipes because I'm been smashing 'em lately. Recipes are in the video description in case the text appears and disappears too quickly on the screen for ya! Enjoy the video and drop it a like for me if ya would <3 x

  2. quick question:
    does anyone know when should I drink one of these?
    like as quick as beginning the day, after a workout, before a workout or just anytime ? thx for any response!!

  3. Usually weight loosing requires a lot of dedication and work. I had my own experience with it, I had my ups and downs and finally I also did a lot of research online and offline in order to improve my results. I tried many different things to accelerate my weight lose, and eventually found the way that worked the best for me. So, after finding out that only exercising is not enough, I replaced one of my meals with a healthy smoothie. I posted on my blog some of my preferred smoothie recipes, you can find them here:
    I hope you will enjoy!

  4. My own recipe: ORANGE DRAMA
    1/4(quarter) or a few teaspoons of lemon, depending on preference to how sour over sweet you like it, but worthy of adding nonetheless
    2/3 strawberries
    5 blueberries
    1 big juicy orange pepper
    Half or full glass of water

    This makes one glass so ration how you please, it's full of tasty goodness. I checked and I'm now the first orange drama to lose her smoothie virginity, proud owner of this recipe.

    Please enjoy, hoping to share, even if it doesn't get used.

  5. First time seeing your video, and oh my God your dry humour made my morning, thank you so much! I laughed throughout the entire thing! Love the recipes.

  6. Target sells frozen Ginger in ice cube trays game changer it's really good quality Ginger sometimes when you buy fresh ginger it's really dried out and you can't taste it as much I'm a fresh ginger snob now

  7. I'm pretty sure that drinking milk in the morning and post working out is just as good as a protein shake, I'm not an expert but after seeing whey milk and comparing it to actual complete milk even powder milk it's just a drop in the ocean in terms of all-round benefits

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