6 Smoothie Bowl Recipes | Healthy Vegan Breakfasts/Desserts (Full Recipes)

In this video I show you some of my absolute favorite smoothie bowl recipes. They are all super healthy and delicious and I bet you will find your favorite …

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  1. These are amazeballs!! Was reading If one has Chronic Kidney Disease ( which I do…) best to not overdue the bananas. Bummer. I could do one of these yums every day!!

  2. Not y’all in the comments actin like google don’t exist, askin where you even find these powders n shit like 👀 type the name in a search engine seems pretty common these days boom add to cart ur done lol just find it funny tbh

  3. How do you make it look so creamy whenever I do it. It kinda looks transparent well not really but it look like juice but it’s still thic? Do u have any tips to make it super creamy like this

  4. The first one was so satisfying because when its like a big chunk and then goes down to the blade but the second one you tampered it and made it small bits and the blender sucked it a little satisfying

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