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6 Quick & Easy Breakfast Recipes | Meal Planning | For Weight Loss | 2 Min Healthy Veg Breakfast

One week Healthy Breakfast Recipes which you can make under 5 minutes. You’d be surprised how many healthy breakfast ideas require very little effort and …

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  1. Hi mam, your videos are really great, I'm doing my intermittent fasting, so can you please upload some weight loss smoothies for dinner? so that it will be very helpful for people like me. Thanks in advance.

  2. Heyy…!! Inspired by the video, tried the banana +oatmeal for bfast today with chia seeds mixed dried sulphur less berries.. Loved it.. 😍 Really quick and easy+ tasty.. Good idea of combining milk and water. Made it v less sticky👍🏻
    Love all your recipe videos overall!! Keep uploading and keep inspiring.. Tc :))

  3. Hello ma'am ! Can I use basil seeds instead of chia seeds in Quinoa Mango Honey Dry Fruits Mix ? I've recently tried your "High Protein Quinoa Porridge" and trust me it turns out to be delicious as well as extra creamy. Thanks for these health-icious breakfast recipes. Please answer my query whenever you've time. Keep enlightening us.

  4. Kya ho gya hai apko yaar I can't believe you are also started giving wrong information for money .your channel was the one like by me ……I mean like are u seriously a dietitian now I doubt 😤😤😤

  5. i tried oats from many brands….but when i tried this organo herbs oats its taste is very declicious as compared to other brands…n thankuu mam to share this morning diets and i will definitely try this dipped dry fruits

  6. Mam plz also consider ppl who are under weight….upload diet plan for gaining weight as well bcoz malnutrition and being underweight is also on other side of spectrum🙏

  7. Wow mam the oats you have mentioned in the video are being used by me and it's really a healthy diet . One must buy this oats and I will try honey dip almonds and will share my review soon.

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