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5 VEGAN MEALS UNDER £1($1.50) | Budget-friendly Recipes for Beginners

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  1. It sucks to live in a country with biggest prices of food compared to income in whole Europe -_-, most of these are not cheap, just normal prices (for me).
    Edit: looks amazing and I plan to try some of these out XD

  2. what I love about these recipes is that they involve very practical things to find like lentils, chickpeas etc.. rather than seitan, tempeh and other stuff that not only are not easy to find but cheap neither

  3. Love your channel! Thank you for all the hard work you put into making the videos! I enjoy each one of them, especially the budget friendly recipes and grocery hauls. ❤ from Cape Town, South Africa.

  4. You. Are. Brilliant. I just discovered your channel. I wish that you were talking as you prepare the food as the music can be distracting. Just my preference. I plan to continue watching. 🙂

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