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With summer right around the corner, these 5 recipes will be just what you need for a refreshingly light dinner. If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch …

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  1. two comments: one of the salads said it was a pasta salad when there was no pasta in it.
    the last salad could probably not be put back into the watermelon rind because they cut it two times in the sides so its no longer able to handle liquids without leaking out all over the table

  2. Anytime you see someone using Mayonnaise, you realize how poor is the recipe. Only those who settle for the ordinary would cook with following ingredients: mayo, cream, butter, flour and eggs… oops, that really says a lot about us people in the Western world! No wonder, the Japanese call us ‘ ignorant barbarians’.

  3. The first salad featured mangos. But, when you cut it up in bite-sized pieces, you left the skin on. But, when you’re assembling the other ingredients, the mango is skinless. Whaaaaat?

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