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5 Minute Falafel | CHEAP EASY VEGAN

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  1. Totally my scene in kitchen when cooking new dish, especially exotic ones and we don’t have many ingredients available sometimes so have to come up with nearest matching ingredients and prepare and it will be a whole messy kitchen much to my mother’s chargrin

  2. I can’t imagine what is was like in the house when they were growing up!! The flame guys… “Jesus I’m scorchin me eyelashes” I shake my head the rest of the video! It’s all I see. Love you guys!

  3. Guys your only brilliant .
    Every cloud has silver lining, self isolating is an opportunity for learning . I just started vegan journey and was going to give up as interest and skills in the kitchen very little ( plus I tried vegan store bought cheese and 💨 that much thought I was going to poo self ) ha . But you have inspired me and i m even going to try make my own cheese . Woo hoo .
    I could not believe how easy it was to make your soya yogurt . I m thinking the shops now are taking the Michael . This makes massive difference as I m in achill island now and I just can’t be driving hour to get it as often not in local store . When it is its 2.35 like noo can’t afford that . So THANKYOU so so much .

  4. I love this episode, I admire the realities you are making. Specially when the food processor is jammed, you showed your ingenuity when you make it in the bowl…that is something true and authentic…love it guys

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