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5 Minute Dahl – Cheap Vegan Easy

Here’s another addition to our 5 minute meal series. 5 minute Dahl! Recipe here: All the best, Dave & Steve.

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  1. I love these brothers and their recipes and I don't care if they are five minutes or more, but I will point out that I always assemble everything (like they did) before starting, and usually that's exactly what takes the most time. Hahaha!

  2. I made this last night and WOW- was it good! This is the first Happy Pear recipe I have tried, and I am SO impressed! My picky 14 year old son ate it and ASKED FOR SECONDS! So happy with this dish!

  3. Its better to learn recipe from other nationality but also to learn language properly or rather not use it. You have an accent saying foreign words(obvious & nothing wrong with it) but doesn’t mean that you gonna type it wrong too if you pronounce it wrong 🤣. It was never or will be DAHL. Its Dal or you can say with 2 A as Daal putting more Ahh sound. But no “DAHL”. Put & But doesn’t pronounced same for their “U”! Right ?

  4. Where's the tamari? First recipe I've watched of you guys, in a year now that I've following you, with no tamari, looks delicious though 😉 p.s. You've been my great discovery of 2019

  5. Just made this tonight!
    Super delicious.
    I fried the veg first though to get a nice fond in the pan before adding the coconut.

    Thanks again for another wonderful recipe! 🙂

  6. Whatever the hell was that!! definitely not daal. Also if really want to make 5 mins dishes try to choose such type of dish to cook. Be realistic, daal can't be done in 5 mins from scratch. Your spices aren't even fried. It's a joke

  7. (1) The curry powder you are using is a western spice and never used in India – it is horrible!
    (2) If you just cook in the regular way without timing, the video will be better

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