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5 Kid-Friendly Vegan Meals

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  1. i love how most of the comments are protecting the vegans and vegetarians. we salute you.

    also, f the haters, why would you judge someond because of their food choices?

  2. The thing is.. everyone is saying there’s so many haters in this comment section, but I couldn’t find any, all I could find is people saying theres so many haters in the comment section- don’t mind my bad grammar English is not my 1st language :p.

  3. My aunt though a vegetarian herself doesn’t restrict her kids from eating meat, she has two daughters, one of them eats meat and one doesn’t by choice….just cuz a kid is not eating meat doesn’t mean they are forced into it, my young 8 year old cousin just understood the concept of animal abuse young

  4. Kids eat what they are taught to eat. They will survive on big mac and cola if you are a pos parent. I don't hear people calling that child abuse. If veganism is medically dietarily sufficient for my kid and if my little girl has no problems eating it, i'd bloody well raise my kid vegan. Besides, funnily enough, kids are more compassionate than adults. If you explain the compassion reason behind your diet to your kid, they will take to the diet better than you. The goal is to have complete nutrition, not be a livestock murderer.

  5. Me and all of my siblings are lactose intolerant and I'm a vegetarian. It's super hard to find things we can eat because people are so against vegan kids meals. They think it's "abuse" or something. But what's actually abuse is the suffering inflicted on animals for food that's not even healthy.

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