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5 Ingredient Vegan Recipes | Delicious Simple Recipes

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  1. I got really frustrated. I tried several times to sign up for your blog post and it would not accept it. I also tried to order your 5 ingredient recipe book and it kept kicking it out. I wish you had of at least provided these recipies. Very frustrating.

  2. I am 15 years old and I have been vegan for 12 years. I don't remember not being vegan because I was there when my parents and I went vegan, so I don't remember the products we ate. From what I've experienced, I am super healthy! Also, I love the bbq tempeh!!! SO GOOD

  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to make this video!I did the sweet potato curry but my kale turned out being bad so I left out the kale,ended up using creamy coconut cream.Instead of the paste I ended up getting the trader joes green thai curry simmer sauce w/ quinoa. I was scared bc the recipe called for paste but it turned out so yummy! I even did the BBQ temp but instead of wraps I just mixed it with roasted Brussels sprouts and squash

  4. Wow, looks so good! I am transitioning to a healthier lifestyle and your channel has helped me a lot. I have been considering getting a Thrive membership, but I want to make sure I actually use it enough to pay the annual fee. I just purchased your 5-ingredient eBook and can't wait to get your cookbook, too! You are truly appreciated! TFS!

  5. Made the sweet potato and chic pea recipe today, super delicious!! didn't have collards so used kale, oh so good! while I'm not a vegan this recipe certainly encourage me to incorporate aspects of a vegan lifestyle in an effort towards better health and nutrition.

  6. Just became a vegan, was looking for recipes to eat since I've been finding it quite difficult. After seeing what your eating….. fuck it, I'm killing a chicken right now…..

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