Vegan Recipes

5-Ingredient or Less Trader Joe's Recipe Ideas! (Vegan)

Today we are sharing with you 4 easy recipe ideas that require just 3 to 5 ingredients from Trader Joe’s! These can also be made with items from other grocery …

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  1. We usually get canned butternut squash for the holidays, and that would be a better alternative for you Jasmine, because it would taste more like the butternut squash, but that might be too much for you Chris. I'll go in this morning to check out whether or not we've lost the cauliflower gnocchi.

  2. i'm crying i moved to the uk for 4 months and i miss trader joe's more than ANYTHING. i'd kill for literally anything from this vid!!! mostly i miss the cauli gnocchi and everything bagel pretzels lol

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