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5 HEALTHY SNACKS FOR ATHLETES! // If you’re looking for healthy snacks for athletes or snacks for building muscle, in this episode of Morty Meal Time I give …

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  1. Snacks
    * PB&J with Whole Grain/Wheat Bread, Organic PB&J
    * Bagel with Peanut Butter and a banana
    * Greek Yogurt with blueberries,peanut butter, cashews, walnuts, etc.
    * Cottage Cheese and protein powder
    * StarKist Chicken Creations (probably with some type of carb as well)

  2. I have had too much peanut butter over quarantine to the point where I am absolutely sick of it. Instead of pb can I use Nutella because it is really good and contains hazelnuts

  3. Hey man can you make a video on how to dunk. When I do dunk attempts I always jump a bit too close to the net and I can’t throw the ball threw the hoop because it just slips out of my hand, so could you please make a video on where to take off when dunking and the best way to dunk with one hand, without palming the ball or the ball slipping out of the hand. Thanks 🙏 – from Instagram

  4. #question#very#important
    Brother I had sticked to these plyos
    1=depth jumps (increasing weight except increasing height of the box on which I jump)
    2=split jumps
    3=one leg tuck jump to box jump
    4=squat jumps (increasing weight)
    5=explosive step ups
    And the question is are they are the good replacement of jumping days and will they give me the same result as I will get from jumping days plz tell bro 🙏
    Plz bro tell

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