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5 Healthy Breakfast IDEAS for the WEEK I Day 1 #Yovana2020

Welcome to DAY 1 of the CHALLENGE! Showing you 5 healthy breakfast recipes for the week. All recipes are delicious, healthy and cheap, plus they will help …

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  1. Nice looking food. Spelt bread is better as wheat doesn't mean something is good. Most wheat breads today are fake wheat and is still like glue in the body. Toasted bread is so much better with avocado

  2. So i was wondering if you're wearing any make up on if so plz do a video about it if not what is your secret for this natural flawless beautiful and gorgeous skin you used to look beautiful but now you look beautiful even more

  3. I've a phd in chemistry and I've studied health and pharmacology on the body. I am very disappointed that you tell lies about a vegan diet. I have been vegan since 1988 and my brother also. He is 6ft2in and neither of us have ever been deficient in our diets. You are spreading fake information about the vegan diet, saying you got sick because of it. You got sick because you starved yourself and then did a silly 25 day water diet. You flushed out your gut with this starvation/water diet. Therefore its completely false of you to blame a vegan diet. You have lied completely and hence why your youtube views are now barely anything to what they once were. You do not know anything about a healthy diet, you are not qualified to discuss diets or give false information that vegan diet is bad.

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