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5 Healthy and Simple Breakfast Ideas! Sarah's Day Recipes

It’s time for another episode of cooking with Sezzy!! This week I’m sharing FIVE of my healthy, simple and absolutely delicious breakfast recipes with you. ENJOY …

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  1. Could you make another of these but a healthy treats version, brownies etc….
    lots of those ingredients can be hard to find we’re I live but I really want to try out your recipes…..
    Love you 😘🥰

  2. Hi guys,

    My name is Sara, I'm 52 years old, my secret is healthy food. Cooking is my passion. I used to be a restaurant owner, now I am a home cook. Doing the best I can to make cooking easier and healthier. Share some of my Mediterranean recipes. I learned a lot from the best chefs, books, grandparents even from little kids. Thirsty to learn more. My dream is to motivate more people to cook healthy dishes for themselves and for their loved ones. I'm new to you Tube and I need your support to spread my passion by viewing my videos and subscribe. Thank you and God Bless you all

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