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5 Easy Dinners For Busy Parents

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  1. The broccoli with meat as rice is very tasty, but there is no need to add salt in the meat, specially that amount. The beef broath and the soy sauce already have salt enough. I tested both ways, trust me.

  2. Family meals don't have to be this complex and time consuming. Thaw out a small whole chicken in the morning, later that day season the top with seasoned salt, bake it in the oven covered on 325 for 2 hours (maybe a bit longer if u got a bigger bird). 20 min before your chicken is done throw on a pot of rice and open a can of green beans for the microwave. Have it with some milk or juice. You've hit all your food groups, plus you can find chicken on sale for 98¢ a pound at least where I live.

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