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5 Budget-Friendly Vegan Breakfast Ideas for Under $1

Here are 5 easy vegan breakfast recipes that you can make on a budget! Each serving costs less than $1 USD to make, but don’t let the low price make you think …

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  1. (I'm new in the vegan game so have a ton of questions… here are two):
    I'm wondering if these meals are enough for breakfast. It needs to keep me full for the whole day … and the other thing: are these healthy? Because they mainly contain banana and thats not the healthiest fruit, isnt it? Tacos and potatos aren't as healthy as well. Aren't these short chain carbohydrates? But pleeease please correct me if Im wrong, because these meals look amazing!!!!!

  2. If you have a griddle or george Forman grill, the hash browns are super simple – no flipping required. Cook them for about 20 – 25 minutes and they are crispy without using any oil.

  3. I tried the banana roll or sushi whatever it's called. I tried it and it's amazing. I added a drizzle of honey and a small amount of cinnamon. I didn't have tortillas so I did it with brown bread that is sugar free and whole grains. I took of the crust. I did pretty much the same thing except I substituted a few things and added some things too.

  4. I truly admire this video. Although I think have the measurements in your videos would be helpful. I know you have a website where you provide your measurements, but your website provider is a little clunky. You have great content and your website would be A1 if it wasn’t clunky. All in all I admire what you’re doing & all is vegans appreciate you!

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