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  1. Hopefully these recipes are perfect timing for Valentine's tomorrow! And remember, if you don't have a partner to celebrate Valentine's with, make these for those you love or for yourself! You don't need another half to spread the love tomorrow, so share these recipes with all your nearest and dearest (including one and only you!). As always, I hope you enjoy and all the recipes are written up on my website:

  2. I made a nutella cake as well, but instead of using vegan cream cheese I blended up silken tofu with melted chocolate and almond butter for the frosting.
    It's seriousy amazing, you gotte try it!

  3. I'm not vegan, but my twin is. We share a birthday so we usually share a cake, so it's always nice to have options we'll both like for when I visit her. She is a trained chef… Whereas I am a terrible cook… But I am usually more creative than she is and more inventive, so I tend to look for recipes we can try to make together and she is usually the one saving me from kitchen disasters. Thanks for the ideas.

  4. If ever you were wondering why we call you the Vegan Nigella – I think putting the whole jar of Nutella in there is a good part of it! Like Nigella, you’re more concerned with making a recipe the best it can be, instead of constantly trying to make it low fat/reduced calories/keto friendly/etc.

  5. I am absolutely loving your recipes.I have previously tried deliciously Ella recipes and I found them incredibly complex, expensive and time consuming and not that delicious.I am looking forward to making the mango mousse.

  6. Your recipes, in general, are super delish but I sometimes struggle to make gluten free version 🙁
    Could you please, if possible, make some already without gluten in them ? 🙂
    Sending you lots of love <3

  7. Hey girl! Love this video but I’m just wondering, is it “grape seed oil?” Because it says “rape see oil” and I’m pretty sure that was on accident so I just wanted to let you know! Keep up the amazing work! 💕

  8. Great video as always! This is off topic but I have a question: do you eat products with 'may contain milk/eggs' warnings? Ever since I went vegan I avoided buying products like that but then I realized I use the same kitchen equipment (like pans, pots, plates, etc) as my flatmates and they're meat eaters and that's kind of the same. I even found out that some of my frozen veggies have a 'may contain milk' warning. But they're just veggies! I don't feel bad about eating them. But when it comes to products like cookies, cereal or whatever it's a completely different story. It took me a few months to convince myself that I shouldn't worry about it, but when I finally bought a bag of cereal, those bloody Cini Minis from Nestle, I felt so bad about eating them.. Like I know they don't contain any animal products, only have traces of them but I felt really grossed out. I'm not sure if this makes sense.. I eat some of such products (like those frozen veggies) but refuse to consume others, isn't that kind of stupid when it's basically the same thing? Do you think it's okay to eat products like that as a vegan? I'm sorry for rambling so much but I am so lost, I don't know any vegans in real life and I don't know where else can I ask.. Hope you can share your thoughts on this matter. Sorry for my english and have a nice day!

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