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Hey guys today I will be sharing with you 4 easy breakfast ideas and recipes. Hope you make them and find inspiration for your own creations! BREAKFAST …

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  1. Everything looks delicious! I like the way you offer ideas or alternatives if we don’t have the exact ingredients you are using. I’m currently living in Egypt so a lot of store bought vegan items aren’t available here. Ive been searching for vegan recipes and found your channel, thanks for the lovely content I’m definitely subscribing 🥰

  2. Omg the Just Egg Is EVERYTHING..absolutely delicious..I have it with a homemade biscuit and vegan apple sausage..absolutely devine..personally I can't taste too much of a difference between it and a regular egg..what an excellent substitute..I was an EGG lover to my heart and glad I won't feel deprived with this substitute..Thank you so much..kiddos to Just Egg!

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