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Hey everyone!! Here are some of my favorite Daniel fast recipes!! I hope you try them out and let me know God bless you Join the Family: …

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  1. Thank you Cindy and Blessings to you! My boyfriend is also had a kidney transplant. Starting tomorrow we will be doing the Daniel Fast. So glad I came across your recipes because I was concerned I won't be able to do this…your recipes are simple and easy.

  2. Hi Cindy.. thank you so much for this video. You have given me ideas for my breakfast and cooking tips. I was a vegetarian for a year and few months but the diet made me so thin I looked anorexic, but then I had just given birth a year ago when I started on the diet so perhaps that could have contributed to the drastic weight loss. Now I have this conviction to go back to the vegetarian diet because my only problem with it was the weight loss. I am not very creative in the kitchen and believe me I try but I guess cooking is just not my strong point but I am willing to learn and because of that I know with more and more practice God will add it. Thank you so much, I thoroughly enjoyed this video I hope you have more where you are preparing meals. God bless you and I hope you are doing great.

  3. Daniel fast is supposed to be unpleasant.. it’s a sacrifice.. so it’s not supposed to be enjoyable, like raw carrots, bland potatoes, veggies that are bland and have no flavor, there’s supposed to be no focus on pleasuring the flesh at all, that’s the point of a fast to take away from the flesh and feed the spirit to get closer to God. This isn’t fasting this is delicious recipes for a healthy diet… and a bowl of oatmeal with flavor… no that’s literally not a fast. I’m sorry sis but you gotta read the book of Daniel again and read where it says he ate no pleasant breads

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