Vegan Recipes

4 Easy Recipes To Help You Go Vegan

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  1. Ok so when I wasn't vegan I also used to think I'm not even vegan and I'm watching this and used to like these types of comments. But now after becoming one these comments are just boring and idk it's just irritating

  2. Oh boy. People saying "I'll never go vegan" may as well be saying "I will always be as ignorant , uneducated and self-absorbed as I am now". Maybe some of them will look back years from now and think "Wow.. I'm so embarrassed that I used to think that way."

  3. Is white sugar vegan? I think I have read somewhere that it is processed with an animal product or something…I might be completely wrong so if anyone knows, please enlighten me!

  4. Im vegan and i tried some of the recipes and it was so good i had the hash brown sanwich thing for breakfast the jack fruit sand wich. For lunch and the cookie for dessert and the mac and cheese for dinner but i added diffrent sesonings and it was marvelous

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