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These healthy overnight oats are perfect for meal prep for school or work! They are also dorm room friendly 🙂 I make them on Sunday and eat them every day …

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  1. Don't oats get really soggy though? Last time I had overnight oats they we watered down and didn't taste very good bc none of the oats were crunchy. Is there anyway to prevent this?

  2. I'm that loser that has never made overnight oats. So this may be a stupid question, but do you make the base recipe for overnight and then in the morning you can add the flavors for when you're ready to eat it or do you add whichever flavors you want ingredients to the base and leave it overnight. Does that make sense, I don't even know 🙈

  3. This video is the BOMB! I love how you start with a base and then, make lots of different kinds! It's really useful and I usually don't make overnight oats, but I'll for sure try some of those 🙂

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