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4 EASY Instant Pot Chicken Recipes – Perfect for Beginners

Sign up for my Instant Pot Newsletter here: Chicken recipes are probably my most favorite thing to cook inside of the Instant …

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  1. I just cooked this tonight and followed your recipe. Once the timer was up to start the 10 mins it flashed burn. So I opened it and was pretty done. But I have no idea what happened. After everything was put in I stored it together jus like I saw u do. Any ideas?

  2. All of the other reviews describe it better than I can. I was looking to purchase a cheap crock pot for roast/chili/soup and decided to splurge a little and buy this instead. Oh man, it's amazing! Along with the rest of the country am totally pleased with the instant pot. Makes cooking complex or time lengthy food items pretty easy. I’m not a great cook and I can’t really mess up with this. Definitely a great product to have in your kitchen.

  3. Boy ,I made a mistake and it scare me. I thought from watching you I press the pressure cooker buton and it burn my dish. I saw your video and Im new and you set it and click to vent that very easy, I need to get your book for learing my instant pot. Thank you for showing us how to cook .

  4. Some of the questions on here are so ridiculous. People act like these women need to have the answers for everything. Whatever happened to figuring it out? Use your brain? Do some research? And if you don’t like their style then just keep your negative comments to yourself And move along. It’s really that simple.

  5. Do you have any recipes for frozen chicken that's already cooked? Or videos on how to throw things together like that? Chicken and rice if chicken is cooked, basic tips in instapot

  6. Congratulación, u Six Sister are awesome, I am dummmmmm in the kitchen , since I got this instant pot I fallow all of you guys; thanks for ur help
    Here it is my email for the notifications.

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