4 Easy Appetizers – 4 ingredients or less

Today we are making 4 SUPER EASY appetizers with 4 ingredients or less! Follow 2¢ Chicks: Facebook …

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  1. Hello, nice to meet you, I'm glad to be here, your video is very nice. Congratulations. I have already subscribed to your channel and i would be grateful if you do the same. I have a cooking channel, I am at the begining and I need support as all youtubers…always be happy.

  2. If you cut pita bread chips instead of tortilla chips..all you do is cut in triangles, season, and bake in a 350 degree oven.No oil or fat and they are delicious. Use little smokies for pigs in a blanket. You should have used crescents in the can for the dough and baked until they are BROWN

  3. Hi! Have you tried a pineapple dip! 1 pack, of cream cheese 1 can of crushed pineapple, and sugar to taste! Mix all together and serve with potato chips or on crackers! Great stuff!

  4. Hey 2 cent Girls .
    You gotta make Bacon wrapped Brussel Sprouts . My friend makes them & they are Great !! She bakes hers in oven . But they do come out greasy because they lay in the pan . I told her to put them on a Cookie rack to bake . I bet the Pickles would have tasted better if they cooked on a baking cookie rack also instead of absorbing all that grease . I bake Everything on top of my cookie racks . Chicken / Hambergers / Meatballs / Bacon / Please Please Try It .
    It's so much better tasting . I'll be watching for it on your Channel .

  5. So very disappointed in this video. Are you ladies trying to set the women's movement back 20 years ????

    Women cook for Thanksgiving, Christmas and every birthday party…ect.

    Are you turning this into another day for the ladies to spend their time in the kitchen while the men drink beer and fart?

    Make the super bowl a day where your lazy ass men take you out to cool sports bar where you drink wine and get served.

    Take yourself out of the 19th century!

  6. LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! Been watching alot of your videos since this morning. LOVE BOTH of you. Thanks for helping us out!! For Super Easy Appetizers: Try 2 slices of lunch meat, (Chicken slices, Bologna, Roast slices or Turkey slices), Blot off excess wetness. Spread with soft creme cheese and wrap that in pickle spears (you may want to cut those in 1/2 long ways), cut the roll into three pieces, secure with a toothpick. Another, salami slices, spread soft cream cheese on each one, and add some pepperoncini peppers. Roll up and secure with a tooth pick. MY favorite is: get 1 can of Dennisons Hot chili beans, 1 jar of Tostitos cheese, mix and heat in microwave. Line fritos in a bowl, and add the mix to the center. Or could serve chips and dip separate 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Hi ladies. Thanks for the great ideas can’t wait to make them. I’m also planning on some sushi with the sushi bazooka 🍣. Go Pats!!! Tom needs ring number 6 the handsome devil that he is🙃
    Have a great weekend

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