4 CHEAP, Easy & Healthy Desserts!

Who said healthy and delicious treats need to be expensive? Certainly not me! Here are four super simple dessert recipes that can all be made quickly and with …

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  1. Audrey – I just subscribed to your channel & want to try your recipes along with supporting you with your bake shop – do you have a store location or a brand of garbanzo flour that you like? Also – looking at the peanut butter cookies – I’m fine with that yet have a family member that is allergic to peanuts. What do you think about almond butter or cashew butter? Would you change anything in your recipe with different nut butters? Wishing you & your family the best. Stay cool & safe this holiday weekend. The East San Francisco Bay Area is about 116 degrees right now. Whew! Glad to be inside. Thank you!

  2. Wow 4 lovely recipes. I have made almost all of them and yummy they are so delicious and so easy to make. The only recipe i have not tried is the chocolate icecream but yummy that looks so good for a dessert

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