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4 BUDGET VEGAN MEALS UNDER £2 | Low FODMAP recipes + Gluten free

In today’s episode of what’s for dinner, we’re sharing 4 easy, simple budget vegan meals that are also gluten free, low FODMAP and budget friendly. If you’re …

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  1. If you soak all legumes overnight and wash properly will help, sprouting them even better. Also include a grain with your legume to get a complete protein

  2. I've been plant-based since 2004, just realized this month I have issues with fructans. All your prior vids I mentally substitute chicken for tofu and etc… nice you are now doing plant-based stuff.

  3. Wow, vegan and low fodmap in the same sentence, i didnt think this was possible. I have a dream of one day being able to eat a diet without animal products without suffering the unwanted side effects that have happened in the past when I have tried to do this before.

  4. So I tried lentils for the first time. I had lower than the low fodmap portion and it killed my stomach. I saw in your other video you have been eating them and tolerating them. But the first time you tried them did they bother you at all? I was thinking maybe it was just a first time kinda thing since I’ve never even eaten one before. Just curious. Thanks!

  5. This makes me do a happy dance! 💃 I love the positive message you're sharing here and I'm so pleased that experienting with more veggie meals is going well for you. It's so important to keep retesting our tolerances wherever possible and not to write off foods just because we can't manage full portions. Looking forward to seeing more. Good luck with the avo. 🥑 🌱👌🏻

  6. Hi Becky i really enjoy your videos i have struggled with my guys for nearly 17 years….I have tried cutting our all sorts of foods…was advised to go low fodmap….however for the last.2 months i have been following a plant based diet and I feel amazing….such a turnaround….there is far more fat in chicken and the like than we are led to believe and going low fat and plant based is the best thing I have ever done….

  7. All looks lovely guys, especially the lentil and veg cottage style pie 😍will try to find the Apple wood cheese as my daughter is dairy free and we normally buy the violife one xx

  8. Hi. Love all your videos and posts on fb &Insta. All your recipes look so delicious. I have recently been diagnosed coeliac. On a rollercoaster of a journey, struggling to find a decent way to make naan bread. Is there a Recipe for your gluten free naans please. Many thanks xx

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