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31 One-Pot Recipes

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  1. People reading this: Please do not cook your pasta in whatever it is you just cooked. I actually love the idea of one pot recipes because of clean up, but if you cook the pasta in with whatever is in the pot the ENTIRE meal tastes exactly the same in each bite. Literally zero depth of flavor, no different textures, etc. It sort of just becomes a big bowl of mush.

  2. 13 minutes in…Everything has onion. As a person who's throat closes up with onions and other Alliums. This video seem to hold nothing for me….Everything doesn't need onion/garlic.

  3. I just saw this! My pinoy family i am
    Not with you physically in your beautiful country BUT I’m sending my thoughts prayers and energy to you all☝🏽 i hope everything turns out fine. I love you all💜

  4. Just watched the whole video. Some people are saying the recipes are repetitious. I actually think there’s a good variety here, with relatively easy-to-find ingredients. I definitely want to try some of these recipes. I do think a time stamp would be super helpful so we can easily find the recipe we wish to try. And perhaps the video could be a bit shorter. Thank you for the good recipe ideas!

  5. Are there any recipes in the universe that do not contain one or more of the following… Onions, garlic or tomatoes? Why does everyone feel that onions, garlic and or tomatoes have to go in everything? I bet there’s even a dessert floating around with onions or something in it.YUCK

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