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3 Vegan Soup Recipes | EASY + DELICIOUS

Here are 3 of my favourite easy soup recipes. They are incredibly tasty and satisfying. I love making them for my family for lunch and dinner. I hope you give them …

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  1. Никогда не любила супы, но, когда перешла на растительное питание, мне почему-то их сильно захотелось.
    Спасибо за рецепты <3

  2. I made the mushroom soup following your recipe (only with fresh mushrooms) and it is delishious!!! I recommend everyone to try and make it – makes a great meal with little effort!

  3. Wow… that was a LOT of salt! Your daily sodium intake must be through the roof… haha. That aside, great video- first time viewer here. Always on the lookout for great vegan recipes- this one seems to make the cut. I'll be trying this shortly. Thank you for the video!

  4. Hi Olga. I tried the second soup today BUT instead of using cauliflower (because I did not have it at home), i used celery instead and OH…MY…GOD… 🙂 awesomeness. And pureeing it is wayyy better than whole. Thank you 🙂 Love your fruit tart video too. Been looking for one forever. I want to use custard though. How can i make it, vegan and healthy? thank you 🙂

  5. I love it and I am vegetarian
    But I won't add onions and garlic….
    Thanks for your demonstration and sharing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😋

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