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3 Vegan Cinema Snack Recipes | Delicious

Want to go to the flicks but don’t wanna give yourself heart disease and diabetes buying the muck they’re pedalling? I’ve got you covered! Fat free salt and …

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  1. Mmm, those snacks! Just looking through your videos to see which ones I haven't seen yet 😉 these ideas are so much healthier (and cheaper), than the overpriced junk at the cinema..smuggle these in any which way you can!

  2. I typed “WFPB cinema snacks” into google and up popped you! Hooray! Also, kudos for being the cheesiest Vegan on YT. LOVE it 😊💚💚💚

  3. That was brilliant! I saw this pop up in my notifs but haven;t had a chance to watch it till today. Funny enough we had just been to the flicks too..to watch A disney thing with the kids ( Coco..twer gud) anyhoo..we stupidly decided o have a day off and bought a ton of crap..crisps..doritos sweets etc..and after we had stuffed our faces we felt really horrid..and decided.. next time we go to the cinema we are making some healthy snacks..and cue your video! lol. I especially liked the crispy kale idea..we cant get it here but i think it could work with savoy cabbage which i do have..so am off now to experiment! cheers 🙂 x

  4. I use to love having oven baked chickpeas with maple syrup and cinnamon and I would put rosemary, chives and red chilli flakes.
    I store them in a glass jars.
    Yum, yum and yum Paul.
    I have tried to make kale chips in the past and burn them or not leave them in long enough lolll, I have to try again and make them. Thank you for the the tips! "Bit of Dust"
    My mum still has her coke pop corn machine.
    😂 I drop chickpeas too sometimes.

  5. Our nearest cinema is a 50mile round trip so any snacks are usually long gone before we even get there! nice recipes though i'll make double batches one for the journey one for the flick

  6. Love the roasted chickpeas snacks. One of the first things I learned to make as a vegan. They are so much cheaper than commercial ones and aren't full of crap. I recently started soaking dried chickpeas overnight then boiling them before roasting. I find they come out with a better crunch.

  7. Saw Simnet Nutrition reppin' one of your Vegan Warrior shorts. Love the recipes. We'll be trying them out. It's against policy to bring food into cinemas here in the US. Is it allowed where you are? We're pretty good at smuggling in though. Once got my husband to smuggle in a pizza under his shirt.

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