3 Traditional German Potato Salads – German Potato Salad with mayo and without mayo

potatosalad #germanpotatosalad 3 Traditional German Potato Salads – German Potato Salad with mayo and without mayo – Authentic German Potato Salad In …

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  1. We do the creamy version, most often. We use chopped hard boiled egg, pickles or relish, celery, green onion or chives, and dill weed. Top with paprika.
    If it's more vinegarette style…I like rice vinegar, evoo, celery, onion or chives. That's served hot or cold.
    Both salads have garlic and onion powder, sea salt and black pepper added into the dressing part.

  2. My mother- in,-law was North German (Berlin) and made mayo but I prefer the oil and gherkin mix, preferably sitting for a few hours, for me much more flavourful.😊 Thank you for the upload.

  3. My great grandma made the best potato salad.. unfortunately befire she passed I didn't get the recipe 😭
    Every recipe I've found serves hot..but hers were cold.. also they never sounded anything like hers. I'm thinking the northern recipe sounds the most familiar..minus pickles bc I don't remember that!? Either way, thank you so very much! Do you have any idea on how to make german noodles! She made turn with a press..( had holes in a round smasher) ? Thank you!!

  4. Sorry, but that kind of "northern" potato salad, including hering… it's just an option. I live in the North since 40 years right now, near the northern sea and Hamburg. But, to be honest:no Hering in Potato Salad. Pickles, Onions, Eggs, Apples … and whatever your mind is open for, but Hering isn't a regular ingredient.
    By the way: a lot of people from NRW, Lowersaxony, Hamburg, Bremen MVP and Schleswig Holstein wouldn't ever use Miracle Whip, neither Hellmans.
    They(we) mix/stir our Mayonaise by ourselves. Or buy one of a whole bunch of brands, which fits more.
    I don't want to be disrespectful, please. Potato Salad in the Northern parts of Germany is like the holy Grail in many families. Often and traditionally used at Christmas Eve, for example. On BBQs, with fried fish, Sausages, Meat Balls(Frikadellen), or Matjes, Bismarck Hering beside as a dish.

  5. Sorry das ich Dir das mailen muss frisch gekochte Kartoffeln müssen ca 1,5-2Min
    unter einem eiskalten Wasserstrahl abgekühlt werden & ca- 5 Min. in eiskallten Wasser liegen
    dabei trennt sich die Schale von der Kartoffel und D U kannst die PELLE hAUT MIT DEN Fingern abziehen

  6. The dressing for the potato salad the my family makes has sour cream as the main ingredient as well as some mayo, pickles, cucumbers, radishes, onions, crunchy bacon, mustard, and boiled eggs. The fried bacon is the last thing added along with the bacon grease. I’ve also had Swabian potato salad with just vinegar, oil, onions and dill. It was very tasty.

  7. As I sam Irish American I got along quite well with the many wonderful ways that Germans prepared potatoes…except no eggs for me which seems to be common there. I especially love hot German-style potato salad…mit Speck! Vielen dank!

  8. We don’t use miracle whip in my family, my mom used to be sneaky about potato salad, lol. We only use Best Foods (Hellman’s) and never knew she was taking three tiny baby sweet gherkin pickles minced ever so finely in her classic American potato salad. We were shocked! We are a dill pickle family, lol. I like sliced black olives and finely diced red onion in mine, a dollop of yellow mustard, and sliced hard boiled eggs. It’s been a family favorite for most of my
    Life and I’m 65 yrs old. ❤️ sharing food with friends and family is how we say I love you. Right?

  9. My best girlfriend makes a hot German potato salad with NO mayonnaise. It’s my favorite, she uses Yukon golds I think? Or those little red ones. She adds scallions and parsley finely minced and Italian salad dressing? I’m not really sure, oil and vinegar type dressing. It’s so good. Salt and pepper of course.

  10. Thank you for sharing, highly appreciated.👍
    The northern style is made in my family usually, sometimes I added almond, cashew nuts, pecan nuts and raisins; but when it’s summer, without mayo, put olive oil and vinegar.
    Sometimes I clean potato with brush, keep peel & cut it into small blocks.

  11. Sorry, aber beim schwäbischen Kartoffelsalat werden die Scheiben, der Kartoffeln, sehr viel dünner geschnitten, das habe ich als Nichtschwäbin, auch erst lernen müssen. Er schmeckt dafür auch sehr viel besser 😉 Wenn er dann noch " schlotzig " ist, ist er perfekt 😀🤤

  12. My family was from Bavaria. The way my Mom made it (always served hot) was 5lbs boiled potatoes (skinned after cooking), 1lb bacon, 1 small white onion, 2 cups Vinegar, 2 cups Sugar, Cornstarch. Cook bacon & remove from pan, cook diced onion in bacon grease. Add vinegar and sugar to grease & onion, stir in cornstarch diluted with water to thicken to a glaze. Add sliced potatoes, and crumpled bacon, stir well and eat immediately.

  13. Thank you! My Grandma would always use miracle whip in the potato salad & we never knew why. Being raised in the south we are mayonnaise people so it seemed very odd, but now it makes sense!

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