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3 Sausage Roll Recipes… but which is best? Quick vs Vegan vs Gourmet

Ad | Today, you’re in for an absolute treat! Sausage roll recipes compared. As well as the ULTIMATE version of this classic snack with homemade puff pastry, …

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  1. I'm confused on the vegan sausage roll. If you take the sausage out it's not a sausage roll anymore. That's like Mac and cheese with no cheese. Looks good but it's not a sausage roll. And I already know people are going to be upset at this but I don't see how it's a sausage roll without any sausage

  2. So THAT is what you Brits call sausage, because it's not the same here in the USA. I might be able to get my local butcher to sell to me pork belly, but you cooks seem to think it is as common as ground beef. It's not, at least not here. I have never seen it anywhere, but the local butcher shop might let me special order. Maybe.

  3. Veganism is so annoying, u always have to try to make it into food that already exists but it’s not as good and is expensive bc so many things are a substitute.

  4. I've made Puff Pastry & there is no comparison to store bought.
    There's so much more flavour, texture & satisfaction.
    Yes it takes time with great results for something special.
    Alternately buy store bought & smash more butter inside to improve.
    This is still a 2 day event. Good luck!

  5. The vegetarian one looks great and I am planning on trying it but its not vegan at all….. Vegans wont eat honey because bees make it even though it is very healthy for the hive to have excess honey removed where as the pollination of tree nuts to create the nuts kills 30% of the bees in the hives that get transported to the orchards so tree nuts are simply not vegan…… soz…..

  6. I’m curious why Ben didn’t make full puff pastry. I don’t know enough about the preferred uses for each type to know if he made rough puff for ease of making/teaching or if it’s genuinely better suited to use in sausage rolls.

  7. One of my dearest friends married an Englishman and moved over there. Her first job in the UK was in a pie shop and when she came home for a visit she introduced us to the sausage rolls she learned to make there. They were a big hit.

  8. Was a little shocked not done puff pastry. I started out young making breads, pastry and doughs. I was wondering if you guys could come up with a new way of making meat pies!.

  9. So i kind of want to try the vegan roll but I keep getting stuck on what kind of bread they used. It looked like normal white sliced bread but I'm not sure. Anyone knows?

  10. I'm not too sure about Ben's method of making puff pastry. I thought you were supposed start by enveloping a slab of butter with a lean dough, and fold it over itself over and over.

  11. "Blend them up till they are really fine and small so you are not chewing on massive fennel seeds in your sausage rolls"
    Proceeds to sprinkle fennel seeds all over the sausage rolls anyway.

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