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3 QUICK & EASY VEGAN | GLUTEN FREE RECIPES | Super Healthy | Myhappinesz

QuickRecipes #Myhappinesz #SuperhealthyRecipes #VeganRecipes #GlutenFreeFood Easy Rajma Salad Vegan Mayo – Link to Buy it …

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  1. You really deserve a lot more subscribers. Whatever you do you do it with your heart unlike many other youtubers who do it just for the numbers. Good luck Komal. You are amazing. Don't ever feel demotivated and keep up the good work. You deserve all the love ❀️

  2. One suggestion for your bread… Don't add vinegar directly with the yeast, when added together vinegar stops the fermentation process and that's why your vinegar, yeast and sugar mixture didn't bubble up properly.
    But if you add a very small amount of vinegar… almost a teaspoon after you knead the dough , then the vinegar helps in rising the dough more.
    Hope you apply this tip the next time you bake some bread. πŸ˜„

  3. Wow really like recipes you share β™₯
    Thank-you so much β™₯β™₯β™₯
    And loveeeeee your vlogs…your vlogs were our daily happiness πŸ’―
    miss them a lotttttt….. when you put few on this channel it's good to see you vlog β™₯β™₯ coz since Ivaan was born to now him growing up its beautiful Masha Allah β™₯
    Wishing for happiness and good health for you and your family always β™₯β™₯
    How is lucky bhaiya and ivaan mum raunak bhaiya mum and dad in law rover Cooper ❀😘
    Hope all are good ❀
    Raunak bhaiya in Singapore still?
    Hope he is safe ❀
    Love you so much😘😘😘
    ~2 sisters watching from KSA

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