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3 Less than 500 Calorie Air Fryer Breakfast Sandwich Recipes | Quick, Easy, Low Cal, & High Protein!

My Brand New Desserts Only Recipe Book! Bacon, Egg White & Cheese Omelette Crunch Wrap!

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  1. i used to wrap breakfast sandwiches in parchment paper when i had to get up at 0430 to be at work at 0600. you need to let them steam in there a bit. by the time i took the train to work, i'd get to bidness, then a while later, warm them up. brought one to a buddy, and he REALLY liked it!

    i got some beef hot links from a local german deli – who actually makes it, and would slice one lengthwise. then i'd toast a whole grain english muffin, microwave an egg in one of those plastic cups they make for that, assemble, package and throw it into my commuter bag. easy peazy.

  2. Please come out with air fryer recipes!!! I have the same air fryer as you and its the way to go these days! It cuts back on time and making a mess while cooking. My fav dessert is hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream. YUM!!!!

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