In this video I’m showing you these 3 mouth watering chocolate desserts with NO SUGAR in any of them! It’s still important to satisfy your sweet cravings and …

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  1. I did a plant based diet for about 6 months for health reasons. Did not help me personally. When I tried ketogenic diet my health got better each day. So happy your doing keto!!!❤❤❤❤

  2. Yovana you are GLOWING. I am proud of you for taking care of your health. It is the best message for women — take care of yourself. Listen to your body. Thank you for braving the storm — I'm praying for only good things for you in your life from here on out!

  3. Hi Yovana, I wanted to look at your website, but I can't get in. I have to log in, but I have no account and I can't find where I can make an account. I have been to your website before and I love your raw recipes. Please explane to me how tot get in.

  4. Sugar replacements are NEVER an healthy option.

    They trigger insulin like the regular sugar does and increase the appetite so a person will still eat more.
    Insulin suppresses leptin, the hormone responsible for satiation. And while insulin is prevailing a person will not burn fat effectively.

  5. Yeah… why you and alyce have changed so much?
    You were my inspiration but now I just understand that you both didn’t have the integrity from the beginning.

    I really disappointed that following the trends means more for you than personal belief, ethics, authenticity…

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