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3 Healthy Vegetable Recipes For Weight Loss

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  1. Cooking green veggies and green leaves more than once.. makes them loose all the nutritional content.. you think you are eating healthy but your body won't be getting the benefits

  2. I watched this video 3 times. It's so awesome to see what you can do with fresh vegetables. I shared it with family and friends and my 29yr old daughter always want to try new recipes.
    Great job and thank you for the family time idea!!! We definitely trying these!!!

  3. Why do you waste all the brocolli stalks, the best part, the egg yolks, the bell pepper tops and the lower ends of the carrots continually, very wasteful indeed. Yes, the recipes look good, but the waste really distresses me.

  4. I tried every single diet on the internet and even if I managed to lose few pounds of fat, they would get back as soon as I'm done with diet. I realised that meal plan from NextLevelDiet is the only diet I could follow forever. It's really sustainable and easy to follow.

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