Breakfast Ideas

3 Healthy Summer Breakfast Ideas | Quick, Easy, & Convenient

Four Sigmatic’s Annual Summer Better Sale is happening from 6/18–6/23! Get up to 60% off PLUS an additional 15% off your first order!

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  1. I’m so sad 😭😭 I just got my gymshark leggings from the sale & from different videos I watched and the size chart I thought I needed one size, but I was wrong 😭 & extra sad because they don’t do exchanges/can’t get them in the sale price for a new size 😭 I know you live in gymshark though and love so I just wanna get them right!!

  2. Is the prop 65 warning concerning at all on those mushroom drinks? Confused if it’s suppose to be organic and healthy benefits but then it has then warning?

  3. Hey so I recently got into fitness and it's been so fucking hard for me to get my stomach toned…like it's embarrassing to not see results when I've been very committed to this , any tips? I want to lean out not bull. So I'm trying to bring everything in , nice and toned.
    Please make a video on great stomach work outs as well as making thighs smaller not bulk

  4. Smoothies are my fav, I definitely need to try those smoothie cubes! 

    Also, have you done anything with your eyebrows here? They're so full and perfect (I know you've mentioned you have eyelash extensions, so not sure if you micro blade or anything like that???)

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