3 French Desserts That Are Easier Than You Think & Perfect For The Holidays!

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  1. I am curious about my ancestry! Pick me pick me LOL😂😌 . I love your recipes, I will definitely give them a try this Christmas! Thanks for sharing!. CONGRATULATIONS on your baby!

  2. Hi there, I would love to have one for my children and grandchildren to be able to know where they are from. As African-Americans we have no idea of our true ancestry and it would be fun to find out if we have Native American blood as well, thanks for a chance to know.

  3. of course, I'm watching this about half a year after it's been posted XD because I've been mom-ing it up myself for the past year 😛 but slowly I find the time to catch up :3 anywho – you make these look easy! I always believed I can pull off a souffle or a creme brulee, but seeing it step-by-step, I now think it won't be as big of an endeavor as I thought before.

  4. These look sooooo delicious🤤
    I’m french and I love clafoutis (especially with cherries).
    If I may, you should add a bit of kirsch to your barrer(this is an alcohol made gril cherries). This would give a perfect taste to the clafoutis😘

  5. Delicious food. Ancestry is data collection, more than social media and online banking. Many of the results are fake and they sell your DNA to labs for experiments. If you participate, enjoy your fantasy results and know that you are doing your part to build the Brave New World to come (take a good look at China).

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